Best of Slovakia Tour – Travel to Slovakia – Castles, UNESCO heritage, wine tasting, hunting

Best Slovakia Travel

We are a tour operator specialising in incoming tourism to Slovakia and we are here to offer you a very unique experience of this undiscovered travel jewel situated in the heart of Europe. Because we are familiar with everything this so called ‘Little Big Country’ has to offer, we believe we are the perfect choice for you. Together, we can explore the country’s past and present by visiting the historical towns, traditional villages, UNESCO World Heritage sites, mysterious castles and chateaux. If you wish to relax and revitalise, why not to take advantage of Slovak natural spas or modern wellness centres. The majestic peaks of Slovak mountains are a paradise for hikers of all ages and offer an unforgettable experience – untouched nature, mountain glacier lakes, as well as staggeringly beautiful array of waterfalls. We promise that you will fall head over heels with this beautiful country, its rich history, diverse cultural heritage, unspoiled nature, friendly locals and delicious local cuisine. Give us a chance to take you off the beaten path and introduce you to Slovakia that we know and love and we promise you will be taken full care of throughout your stay and will be leaving us not only as a very satisfied guest, but mainly as a very good friend. For more information about our offers, please contact us directly at should you wish to discuss different itineraries. We will do our best to meet your needs and prepare a trip according to your wishes. Read More »